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Waterpar® 36 in. W x 28 in. H LED Rectangular Frameless Anti-Fog Wall Bathroom Mirror Front Light

Waterpar® 36 in. W x 28 in. H LED Rectangular Frameless Anti-Fog Wall Bathroom Mirror Front Light

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LED bathroom mirrors break down the traditional mirror design, adding led strip to make the decoration more advanced and versatile, extra light and defogger function to help with grooming and makeup. (This LED light can not to be primary lighting). Frame-less design makes the bathroom mirror simpler and more fashionable so that the light is softer and more natural. LED lights more than 50,000-hours a lifetime. Comfortable visual lighting, no flicker, no UV which is a great choice for your bathroom or bedroom, will illuminate your room, your face, and your smile. The touch sensitive on/off switch further streamlines the sophisticated look and makes brightening your day as easy as the swipe of a finger. An innovative defogger pad behind the mirror keeps the glass condensation free, which is perfect for shared or windowless bathrooms.
  • Anti-fog: turn on the anti-fog switch, when necessary, safe and energy-saving, this built-in anti-fogging function means no need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower
  • Anti-fog feature: the anti-fog function is turned on/off as the light is turned on/off, the anti-fog function will be automatically turn off after 1-hour, which can prevent forgetting to turn off the anti-fog function, making the heating safer
  • Colors temperature adjustable and dimmable - this LED illuminated mirror is multifunctional, you can press the button to change the color temperatures: warm (3000K), natural (4000K) and white (6000K), you can also dim the bright to your comfortable level, all these will be easily controlled by the touch button
  • Memory function - the smart memory function will record the lighting setting and keep the previous lighting status after turning off and on, when the led mirror is powered off and restarted, the last use state is restored
  • Shatterproof and corrosion proof - will you worried about the breakage of the mirror glass and the relative troubles, our mirror is made from stronger glass, that is armored glass, it will not get broken easily, even it is broken, it will not shatter to piece, no harm, safer to use, with epoxy coat, this mirror is corrosion proof, it will not get corroded after 30-days acid test
  • Wall switch control - the mirror can be installed hardwired; you can use the wall switch to control the on/off the mirror light and the defogger
  • Easy to install and powered by hard wire - fixed the mirror holder on the wall by screws and hang the mirror on the holder, you can connect the wire to wall switch by hard wire, it is better done by a professional electrician if you want to hardwire it
  • Accurately reflection: true 90-plus CRI and high lumen light offers perfect reflection for your daily routine, it's designed to meet daily makeup or shaving needs, your eyes won't get hurt even focusing on makeup or dressing for a long time, (it is not designed as a lighting light to light up the whole bathroom)
  • Long life of use - LED lifetime: over 50,000-hours (using the mirror 3-hours a day means it will last 45-years), copper free environmentally friendly materials are used with silvered reflection layer
  • Waterproof and safer - our LED mirrors feature waterproof and moisture-proof backing, IP44 rate to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments
  • All electrical parts of this LED lighted mirror are UL Listed for US and Canada, safe to use in bathroom condition
  • Hanging both horizontally and vertically: USA design to be environmentally friendly, supports horizontal or vertical suspension according to need, equipped with wall hardware and screws that can be hung and normal installation about 5 to 10-minutes


    Mirror Width Medium (20-40 in.)
    Product Height (in.) 28 in
    Product Width (in.) 36 in
    Thickness (In.)  1.2 in
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